Static Glow
BASIS - It is said that within our emotional context exists a continuum that ranges from negative experience, null, then to the positive. In that when dealing with sadness, melancholy, depression cannot be seen as isolated agents in the emotional spectrum, but as component parts of a holistic experience of being.

TRANSITORY - Hedonistic stimuli satisfies the momentary transience of the immediate. If positive input would be discrete chunks of data refilling a limited storage capacity, this could be defined as a blissful state.

EUDAIMON "eu" ("good") and "daimōn" ("spirit"). - Peak happiness occurs when life activities coincide with most profound personal values resulting in authentic experiences and aliveness. Autonomy, growth, self-acceptance, life purpose, environmental mastery, positive relation to others are the key aspects of fulfilling ones 'daimon'.

TOTALITY - Throughout human society, a pervasive generality exists regarding the emotional continuum, in that our resting state of being occurs above the null in the positive. Even after drastic life events, over time, people revert to being pretty much ok with things. We pass through our time here on a hedonic treadmill with a tendency to adapt rapidly to changes in ecology.

What's the matter?
Nothing; I wanted to be very precise
I didn't know the best way to say it
Or, rather, I did know, but I don't any more
Just when I should know, too.
Does it never happen to you?
Don't you ever talk about anything but yourself?
You are horrible
I'm not horrible, I'm sad
I'm not sad. I'm horrible
You never do as I ask; you always want me to do what you want
Anyway, I'm fed up. I want to die
Loving you is exhausting.
I'm always having to beg
I exist too. You say I'm cruel, but it's you
I thought it was important to talk to you, but I don't any more
We might have got together again
But the more we talk, the less the words mean
How about now? Are you tired?
If I say no, you won't think I'm awful?
I think we're always responsible for our actions. We're free
I raise my hand - I'm responsible
I turn my head - I'm responsible
I am unhappy - I'm responsible
I smoke - I'm responsible
I shut my eyes - I'm responsible
I forget I'm responsible, but I am
I told you there's no escape
Everything is good
You only have to take an interest in things
After all, things are what they are
A message is a message
Plates are plates
Men are men
And life is life
But the light that shines in my baby's eyes
Is more to me than the stars in the sky
And when the rest of the town starts to doze
The late evening sun in our window glows
We whisper in the secrecy of our own four walls
And make love together as darkness falls
Words should express just what one wants to say
Do they betray us?
But we betray them, too
One should be able to express oneself
I believe one learns to talk well only when one has renounced life for a time
That's the price.
-So, to speak is fatal?
Speaking is almost a resurrectionbin relation to life
Speech is another life from when one does not speak
So, to live in speech
one must pass through the death of life without speech
I may not be putting it clearly,
but there is a kind of ascetic rule
that stops one from talking well until one sees life with detachment
But one can't live everyday life with... I don't know With detachment
Then thinking and talking are the same thing?
One cannot distinguish the thought from the words that express it
An instant of thought can only be grasped through words
So one must talk and risk lying?
Lies, too, are part of our quest.
Errors and lies are very similar
But a subtle lie is little different from an error
One searches and can't find the right word
That's why you didn't know what to say
How can one be sure of having found the right word?
Someone told me: "There is truth in everything, even in error."
i am the debris of the audiovisual , the trash that washed up on the digital shore
i am the rare, the obvious, and the unbelievable
I've seen things you wouldn't believe. ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. is it time to die?
i am defiance and appropriation and conformism and exploitation

That’s something that’s always interested me: the idea that an object retains the memory of its fabrication. An object contains all the energy that went into making it. It’s part of what interests me so much about the human body. What makes the body so particularly incredible is that it’s able to produce energy, to transform, to grow…[T]he body is also an accumulation of moments, a record of its history.”