Noise —chaos, the multiple— comprises both the infinite and the void (both of which gape, according to the Ancients), and contains both the greatest density of information and no information at all. Unlike unity, it is neither irreducible to a demarcated field, nor does it constitute the sum of its parts (a singular totality, as would be a herd of sheep). For these reasons, philosopher of science Michel Serres identifies noise as the only actual continuum —the unfastened realm of pure capaciousness—, from which all (discontinuous) phenomena emerge. It is the only non-phenomenon: the inaccessible, ceaseless and limitless ground from which all silhouettes (i.e., phenomena appearing as forms or signals) are separated, to become knowable units that lie within perceptual reach.

Completed: 2016

2017 - Rotterdam International Film Festival Satellite Event Screening
Piet Zwart Instituut Rotterdam (NL)