An installation presenting a sigil magick ritual performed in front of the dutch immigration office to imbue the area with the opening of doors and safe passage. As the european continent is faced with increasing reactionary nationalistic tendencies that are reinforced by opportunistic politics that scapegoat migration, the rite functioned as a counterbalance to these sentiments. In the sigil-making with elemental salt, the rite imbued those seeking entry into the continent with the power to overcome the negative forces that seek to keep them out. In placing it on the terra firma itself, was to reinforce the notion that these borders are political creations superimposed onto the land, and like the sigil, are impermanent.

In the installation, a bricolage of contemporary folk magick items were assembled in a shrine to the ritual, contrasted against print-outs of the news feed from the dutch immigration site, which callously recanted the numbers and daily tallies of rejections and acceptances into the country.

Screenings & Exhibitions

2018 - Excavating Empathy

Group Exhibition, Tent Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)