Immanence, 28:00, HD, 3 Channel
Mathematical equations generate a complex topology that evokes a sense of life in all scales, from the micro, the natural, the artificial and the machinic, questioning the boundaries that superficially separate these realms.
This work was created and rendered in realtime using the Unreal Engine and various sets of fractal mathematics. As the abstract forms undulate, grow/recede and transform, the uncanny nature of the similitude of technological creation to natural growth patterns offers a speculative glance into the future of algorimically-driven artifice, while concurrently offering a glimpse into the ‘software’ that dictates patterns in organic life.
The work is presented in a manner where two 60” LED televisions are opposed against each other, and bound at the base. This reflects the oppositional nature of human-centred creation and the forces of nature that we act against.

Premiered at Campsite Group show, TENT Gallery Rotterdam March 2023