Reality is coded by magic – the central principle of magic is the control of matter through the use of symbols which animate objects and give them agency. A spell is cast through declarations, statements (by using codes) and then by ma!ing novel conceptual connections between discrete objects. In the formation of this relationship, a network is created that delineates significance and agency. Through the codification of symbols, significance is conferred onto objects, places, spaces, experiences and interactions. Magical thin!ing is a communication medium. Rites and rituals formalise these actions into repeatable processes that become culture. A magic spell is homologous to the computer program, coding the world in its digital form. magic is rooted in the ancient traditions of animism, a worldview that insists human consciousness is inextricably interwoven with the natural world. The existence of magic is intangible. Its meanings float with a fluidity and indeterminacy analogous to the networked world of contemporary culture.

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Encoding Reality Through Techno-Magic